Damned if you do…

The unabridged Kathryn Jean Lopez:

While I, of course, think her silence on the MoveOn ad is despicable and that she should have been first out of the box to condemn it over a week ago, what was she going to do today? If she voted to condemn the ad, what would it look like? Like Republicans (and Darth Vader’s president!) shamed and harassed her into it. Now she can say, “The MoveOn ad was awful. But it was just an ad. I’m certain General Petraeus has handled worse attacks. And I know the Senate has more substantive things to do that make symbolic – largely political – points.” MoveOn certainly has something right. Let’s “move on,” there’s work to do here for our troops.

This can be filtered down to the following points:

  • Hillary had, at most, a 24 hour window to do what I wanted her to do. If she does what I want now, it’s only because of the tremendous pressure I applied.
  • This issue is really not that important, even though my blog has talked of nothing else since the ad ran.

That is all.


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