Now that I’ve got the hang of this whole blogging thing you kids are always talking about, it’s high time I start looking to site design. I’ve got nothing against the particular theme I’m using right now, but I feel I can do better than the WordPress default (although it’s perfectly fine for some bloggers). Expect the entire look of the blog to change at least a few times as I experiment.

Additionally, I’m going to end this ill-fated attempt at tagging. Originally I thought I could keep my categories very broad (say, “Politics” instead of a specific issue) and use tags as a way to narrow the subject field down. However, I tended to simply use people and things I was writing about as my tags. Once you realize your blog is text-searchable, this practice becomes redundant. Instead I’ll simply employ more categories than I did before. Apologies to those who enjoyed having their names as tags.

Finally, I’m going to really delve into the WordPress FAQ and see what this baby can do for me. For starters, I plan on doing a lot more time-delayed blogging, leaving my days free for billable work. For instance, this post and the one preceding it were both written last night. I also plan on instituting a number of other changes that will take me away from the default model; more on those as I learn about them and implement them.


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  1. Mike Meginnis on

    I do have fantasies of moving on from the basic template someday — when I sell a book, for instance — but I’ll take what touches of humility I can manage in this medium and with my message.

    Still, though, good luck: may you be more tech-savvy than I.

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