Finally, a place for music snobs on the Internet

I just want to give some quick blog love to my friends Lee Stafford and Jim McEvoy who have relaunched Diminished Seventh, an blog focusing on an unholy mix of the Washington and New York local scenes.  There you can check out Lee’s take on German reggae,  Jim’s weird taste in music videos, and editor Will Rauch’s love of The Onion.

Incidentally, Jim and Lee are also the guitarist and bassist, respectively, for DC band The Frustrations, my former band.  They’re headlining at The Red & the Black this Friday night, so check them out if you’re in the DC area.


2 comments so far

  1. Lee Stafford on

    Lies. Lies and slander. I am not a music snob. I’m just better than everyone at everything. That includes my opinions on music.

  2. Jim on

    Thanks, John. Though the “snob” title is mostly definitely very black pot calling the kettle dark-skinned.

    In short, you are a racist.

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