Terrible Canadian Indie Pop

How can anyone possibly like Tegan and Sara? This song, for instance, is just incredibly godawful. Her voice is grating and fake, as if she’s not actually singing in her real voice, but instead impersonating a funny voice and singing with that. And while I understand and appreciate simple things, the piano line here is so uncomplicated and uninteresting that I’m convinced a three year old wrote it on a toy piano. The lyrics are the worst sort of vapid blathering posing as wit. “I’m not unfaithful but I’ll stray.” They probably think they’re so clever for that one.

It’s unfathomable how these two can be critical darlings. I’m gonna go listen to some Zeppelin and try to get this song out of my head.


3 comments so far

  1. Matt Zeitlin on

    Four Words:

    Canadian Lesbian Identical Twins

    Novelty can get you a long way in the music business.

  2. John Cain on

    Ok, but Tatu was Russian lesbians and that didn’t get them good reviews. I can’t believe the twin angle is that strong. There’s something else afoot here.

  3. Jim on

    Dude, it’s just simple hipster logic — “bad is the new rockin’.” Act disillusioned, sing terrible music, and there you have it.

    My favorite hipster joke: How do you piss a hipster off? Actually enjoy music.

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