Not this shit again

Immediately after posting the previous item, I checked my reader for new posts, only to find zuzu from Feministe proving my point, responding to Matt Yglesias’ take on the abortion study I linked to previously:

What I’m interested in right now is the privilege on display — Matt, who will never have to face the question of whether to have an abortion, dismisses the Guttmacher study as “questionable.” And why? Because, gosh, it just doesn’t make any sense that women would seek abortions where they’re illegal and dangerous! It’s quite telling that Matt can’t get past the mathematical modeling of it all to reach the understanding that the reason that reproductive-rights advocates argue in favor of safe and legal abortion is that women will get abortions regardless of whether or not they’re legal, and they will get abortions regardless of the possibility of injury or death, because the alternative for them is worse. IOW, criminalizing abortion does not make abortion stop. It simply makes it more dangerous.

In other words, Matt’s purely scientific concerns with the study’s methodology are without merit, because the study agrees with zuzu’s ideology. Also, Matt is sexist.


zuzu is, of course, employing the patented “Privilege Defense” employed by some feminist bloggers. It’s a version of the ad hominem retort that involves ignoring the merits of your opponent’s argument, dropping words like “privilege” and “patriarchy”, insinuating that your opponent is sexist, and hoping they’re cowed enough not to respond. It’s the worst kind of well poisoning, and frankly it’s complete bullshit and needs to stop.

For further insights into the Privilege Defense, see Mike Meginnis. He knows more about it than anyone really should.


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  1. […] …is that John Cain, Matt Yglesias, Matt Zeitlin, and myself are all sexists. […]

  2. Feministe » OMG Teh Hysterical Feminists Again! on

    […] Then he goes after Zuzu. He characterizes her position as this: In other words, Matt’s purely scientific concerns with the study’s methodology are without merit, because the study agrees with zuzu’s ideology. Also, Matt is sexist. […]

  3. Not Sober Enough | After Corbu on

    […] Zuzu […]

  4. Jay O on

    On the John Cain lynching:

    After a progressively horrifying review of the linked commentary at Quixote and Feministe, I’m not even going to address the study that started all of this, because clearly the validity of the study is not what certain readers have been calling into question. At least Feministe pretends to argue over his analysis while subtly suggesting that John is a sexiste, perhaps even genetically, simply because he is a man and therefore due to his gender is unable to fully understand Feministe’s position on abortion rights. This fallacy, echoed at Quixote with far less sophistication, is offensive on a democratic basis, and denies John the right to intellectual participation based on his sex, of all things. I’d love to put this argument to the test with animal rights activists. In any case, as with handicapped rights (my line of work), certainly the affected group must have their voice heard and included, but you can’t just exclude everyone else, especially if this exclusion is selective to those whom disagree with you. To do so is to a disservice to your own position, argument, and intelligence (intelligence refers to Feministe. Sorry quixote, but I didn’t detect any signs of intelligent life on your blog). So please, feminist blogosphere, please do not dismiss the voice of white male bloggers based on their gender (or race? where does “white” come into play and why did you bring it up?)

    Also John is not a sexist.

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