We fear change

As promised earlier this month, I’ve redesigned the blog a little. I like the overall layout and design, but still have a few reservations, so consider this new look to be a probationary period.

Any comments on the redesign are appreciated. As are any comments that tell me how I can get my name back on every post (that’s one of the major reservations right now).


5 comments so far

  1. Lee Stafford on

    You call this a blog with all these fancy-pants graphics? Shame on you… shame.

  2. Mike Meginnis on

    I like everything about this design except for the gradient behind the post body text. Gradients are ass.

  3. John Cain on

    Agreed, Mike. It makes it looks like the whole post is blockquoted.

  4. sangfroid826 on

    The “About” photo is teh awesome.

  5. John Cain on

    I am a rock and roll machine, Sangfroid.

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