Selling Crazy

Avi Klein has an excellent piece in the latest Washington Monthly on the newest insanity coming from the Lyndon LaRouche movement. I suggest that anyone with even a faint interest in political cults take a look.

I live in DC, so until recently I was subjected to the brainwashed drones in the LaRouche Youth Movement all the time. Probably the weirdest episode occurred a few years ago on the Metro. I was sitting on the train minding my own business when four of the LaRouchies got on the train, all young college-age kids dressed fairly normally. They began singing, quite well and harmoniously, a tune excoriating Dick Cheney. As DC and its suburbs are fairly liberal places, this sentiment was appreciated and well-received by the crowd on the train.

As people began to take a look at the literature handed out by the singers, however, the smiles and laughter abruptly stopped. It’s as if every single person on the train thought, “Ha, Dick Cheney sucks ass and…oh fuck, LaRouche.” I’ve never seen a crowd go from receptive to indifferent in such a short span of time. The LaRouchies were seemingly happy just to hand out their agitprop, and they transferred to another car at the next stop.


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