Mike Meginnis is mad as hell

…and he’s not gonna take it anymore.

Even as a Clinton-leaner myself (though still undecided between her and Obama), I have to say that I completely agree with Mike here (shocker, I know). It takes a special kind of hubris to think that the correctness of your opinions are so obvious that the only reason anyone could disagree is because they’re sexist/racist/a paid shill/in on the conspiracy/etc. The writers at The American Prospect Mike refers to would be well served to refrain from engaging in crank argumentation.

For those who would cry hypocrisy at the sight of me chastising those who would question motives so soon after calling PETA a bunch of liars, let me respond. One should assume another is arguing in good faith unless evidence tells you otherwise. There’s no reason for the Prospect writers to assume that those who back Obama or Edwards are sexist simply because they back those candidates. PETA (or global warming deniers, or alternative medicine advocates, or whatever other cranks I criticize) on the other hand, is denying objective reality as established by scientific inquiry. Taking this into account, the only logical assumptions are that they are ignorant, willfully delusional, or dishonest.


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