Somebody’s cool all of a sudden

The blogfather himself has been invited to the cool kids’ table to give his thoughts on Susan Faludi’s The Terror Dream over at TPM Cafe.  One would hope he’d remember to come back to us nerds when he’s done, especially since he’s Dungeon Master this weekend, but I’m not betting on it.


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  1. paxamericana on

    Actually, the few times I played AD&D I was usually a wizard of some kind. That said, Paladin is definitely cool and, to this day, I find Dungeons and Dragons jokes absolutely hilarious (sneak a comment into any discussion about “+5 dexterity” and I’m on the floor).

    And of course, good for Zeitlin. When I saw his post on TPM today I wanted to high five someone.

  2. John Cain on

    You know I always wondered if anyone ever read those labels attached to links. Rocking.

    I, of course, would be the swarthy thief of the group, or something to that effect. I never played D&D, what characters are there to choose from?

  3. Mike Meginnis on

    You can be a fighter, barbarian, ranger, druid, wizard, sorcerer, cleric, paladin, bard, or monk, if memory serves. (I’ve run a few games but my grasp on the rules is terrible.) There’s also a bunch of more specific classes. I was a ninja for a while. It was like four sessions before I took damage.

    Sadly I don’t have a group right now. Fortunately, my girlfriend still kisses me.

  4. Mike Meginnis on

    Oh, also rogue. Duh.

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