This never gets easier, does it?

While many social situations have gotten easier to handle with age, I still get as nervous calling a girl for the first time as I did when I was 14.  Case in point, I just got off the phone with a lovely young woman I met a two Saturdays ago (I didn’t wait this long to call, in case you’re wondering. I had called last week and gotten voice mail and the long holiday weekend threw a wrench into making plans).  I actually had to psyche myself up to overcome a vast collection of jitters, and even now with the deed done, my pulse is still racing.  And while I’ve decided to eschew the “meet-fuck-figure it out afterwards” model of initiating a relationship, I almost yearn for such a less mentally taxing method of going about these things.

Am I alone in displaying teenage-level anxiety in these matters?  Has anyone really become the cool, collected epitomy of suave in their twenties?  Share away.


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  1. Matt Zeitlin on

    What is this calling thing you speak of? I’m 17, and this entire calling girls thing is kinda weird. Text messages my friend, it’s the wave of the future. There is no teenage anxiety to speak of.

  2. John Cain on

    hey. ur a cu-T. Wnna gt dnnr?

    Yeah, no. You’ll need to do this in a few years. Get your practice in now while you still can use “teenage anxiety” as an excuse.

  3. coast2coast on

    The answer to your questions, good sir, are No and Yes, respectively.

    Good luck with the young lady.

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