Andrew Sullivan Is Always Wrong

Part One in an Continuing Series

Jim Manzi at The American Scene has written an excellent post where he actually takes a look at the whole of the scientific evidence on race and intelligence, and comes away saying that these issues are so complex and that the data is so small and inconclusive that you would have to be a fool to draw any sort of definitive conclusions. Read the whole thing.

Andrew Sullivan, who is such a fool, reads Manzi’s post and is apparently not chastised. To wit:

I’ve read a lot about this over the years, but this is one of the best and fairest analyses of the debate I’ve come across. And it’s highly disappointing if you’re hoping for some sort of resolution.

Shouldn’t Sullivan be highly disappointed? He’s been writing about this research as if it’s Gospel truth since the mid-nineties. I’m sorry, but you can’t take back racist proclamations simply because you like Obama.

Stay tuned, this series should continue shortly. I’m just waiting for the next example of Sullivan disparaging other Christian beliefs as illogical and anti-scientific, while claiming his religious beliefs are the paragon of reason.


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  2. sam on

    dangit, post more, lazy man

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