Lazy Analysis

Young MZ liveblogged the debates tonight.  True to my blog title, I spent the night getting drunk.  Feel free to discount any of these criticisms, all of which have been entered at the same time I was watching Real Sex.

MZ wrote:

6:20 Edwards is talking about “calming” response to a terrorist attack.  This is the type of mindset change I want to see.  Bush’s biggest problem post 9/11 was how he squandered a chance at national unity and instead amped up the chance of blowback by invading Iraq and what not.

No, no, no.  The key response to a terrorist attack is to act all warlike and angry while at the same time not actually attacking anyone.  This is also known as the first few weeks of the Bush administration’s response to 9/11.  Bear with me a moment.

While this seems completely against the modus operandi of the Bush administration (being, of course, “fuck everything up as much as possible”), these people amazing waited until figuring out who was responsible before letting loose the dogs of war.  At the same time, they threw out things like the Bush Doctrine to appease a bloodthirsty republic.  Obviously things went wrong later on, with that whole “send troops to the wrong country thing”, but initially the Bushies were doing things correctly.

Being “calming” isn’t going to cut it.  If this country is ever attacked again, the public will (rightly) scream for blood, and our next leader needs to know how to appease that urge while still behaving rationally.


This isn’t verbatim, but John McCain just said, basically, that “pharmaceutical companies are the problem.” Maybe he’s deciding to offend parts of the GOP base, thus reversing a two year campaign of extreme right-wing pandering.

I find this sort of rhetoric problematic, no matter how innocuous it’s presented.  For all their faults, pharmaceutical companies make real medicine, while homeopaths, chiropractors, naturopaths, and acupuncturists (who are, incidentally, those most likely to use and take advantage of such rhetoric) make fake medicine.  None of the candidate probably meant it in this way, especially since Dennis Kucinish and Ron Paul weren’t invited, but I’d rather people said “direct doctor marketing is evil” rather than “Pfizer is evil”.


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