Jonah Goldberg is thrilled with Vox Day’s endorsement of his new book Liberal Fascism: From Bad Arguments to Baseless Slander (or something along those lines).  So thrilled, in fact, that he sits down for an interview with the World Net Daily columnist himself, where he says:

It’s a response to this jabbering fraction of a man named Tim Noah at Slate who has been insisting for about four years, sight unseen, that I have written what he calls an Ann Coulter book. And by that I mean a bomb-throwing book that sheds heat, not light. Now, I think there’s a place for them and I think there’s more serious argumentation in Ann Coulter’s books than a lot of people on the Left are willing to concede because they don’t want to give her arguments any credence. But at the same time, it is indisputable that Ann is something of a performance artist. She is most useful for entertaining people who already agree with her and for providing ammunition and morale to her side. She does not go into a college lecture hall and persuade very many people who are sitting on the fence on an issue.

I didn’t want to write that kind of book.

If Jonah doesn’t want to be like Ann Coulter, maybe he should stop giving interviews to folks like Vox Day, who’s willful ignorance and moral repugnance I’ve documented before.  I should imagine that Goldberg knows his host’s insane views, Vox certainly doesn’t try to hide them.  Why then does he even give filth such as Vox Day the time of day?

Probably because Goldberg has no freaking idea what fascism is.  He completely misses the fascist leanings inherent in Vox Day’s “Christian Libertarianism”, yet somehow ascribes these leanings to…gays?  The next time Goldberg feels like writing a book on fascism, he should do some more research.  Like looking up the dictionary definition of fascism.  Or picking up a history book on Nazi Germany (he should ask his buddy Vox, who’s really enamored with some of their methods).


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