Andrew Sullivan Is An Insufferable Prick

Does Andrew Sullivan really think that this post is worthy of The Atlantic’s imprimatur? Leave aside the vapid political analysis (only Democrats vote in red state Democratic primaries, you imbecile). It’s nothing more that an angry personal rant, full of snide potshots that Sully somehow thinks are deep insights into the campaign. This isn’t cogent political analysis, it’s the half-assed musings of a bitter, hateful man.

It’s time to end the “Andrew Sullivan Is Always Wrong” series. I never really wanted to turn this blog into, but I’m finding that I am infuriated by this man on a daily basis. Better to end the series now before letting things get out of hand.

To conclude things, let me just say that Sully is the worst sort of public intellectual. He forms his opinions not by weighing evidence and analyzing the facts, but by comparing interpretations of events to a list of people and ideas that he likes or dislikes. He stubbornly holds on to the interpretation that best confirms his preexisting biases, evidence to the contrary be damned. He’s a weak mind with a big voice, an asshole in search of bigger and bigger venues that will tolerate the shit he spews.


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