An open letter to my fellow Clintonistas

I’ve loved Hillary Clinton my entire political life. Her husband has influenced every political position I hold to this day. I cheered her comeback victory in New Hampshire, and I voted for her in the DC primary last week. Lately, though, it’s become clear that Hillary Clinton cannot win the Democratic nomination for president. She very well may win the Ohio and Texas primaries on March 4th, but she won’t win by enough of a margin to match Barack Obama’s delegate count. I hereby ask her supporters (some of who I know read this blog) to abandon her candidacy and fully back Barack Obama for the presidency of the United States.

This certainly isn’t a decision one would come to lightly, and I’d hope everyone would ignore the time of this posting and recognize that I’m in my right mind while posting this. Clinton can’t win the nomination, but she can win enough delegates to battle until the summer. This would be disastrous for our party’s fortunes, as John McCain has already moved to general election mode. The sooner we rally around one champion, the sooner we can counter his lies and warmongering. Despite any personal rivalry, we know that either candidate for our party’s nomination will make a better president than the man who makes George W. Bush look like a hippie peacenik.

This capitulation by loyal and dedicated Clinton supporters does not have to be so one-sided, though. In my opinion, Obama should promise to back Clinton as Senate majority leader as soon as she gives up her quest for the presidency. She has the potential to be a master of Senate in a way not seen since the days of Lyndon B. Johnson (and certainly in a way not possible under Harry Reid), and such a promotion can immediately turn Clinton from Obama’s vanquished nemesis to his most important ally. Hillary ramming through the progressive legislation that Barack proposes is a theme we can all readily get used to. It’s much better to harness the power of the Clinton machine rather than beat it into the dust of yesteryear.

I know many of you have loyally served Clinton for many a year now, and I know you can’t easily see another as the leader of the Democratic party. Trust me, this pains me as well. However, to continue to try and win the nomination is a fool’s errand. Like it or not, Barack Obama is now our standard bearer. Hillary Clinton still has a large role to play in the coming righting of our country, and I hope both she and Barack are wise enough to see that end.


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