Fuck your mother, David Simon

I don’t really think I can express through the written word how angry the latest episode of The Wire has made me. I know I’ve been reticent about this in the past, but fuck it. Massive spoilers and freewheeling expletives below the fold.

So really, David Simon? Omar Little can take all the Barksdale and Stansfield crews can throw at him, but he gets brought down by a ten year old who was an extremely minor character in season 4 and who you’ve barely fucking acknowledged in season 5? Fuck! And McNulty and Bunk barely give a shit, huh? Did you not write the last four seasons of this show? Did you not know the fucking plot until now?

Congratulations, you’ve fucking done it. Season Five of The Wire has entered that pantheon of fiction that includes The Godfather III and Rocky V in the category of “Pieces Whose Existence We Don’t Acknowledge For Fear They Will Ruin the Entire Franchise”. If any character wakes up in episode ten to find this entire season was only a dream, I will find you, David Simon, and personally beat the shit out of you. Way to ruin a great series, you bitter hackneyed fuckass.


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