Comedy Gold

Hearing about the career-ending prostitution scandal that’s currently bringing down the governor of my home state, all I can think about is how a guy named Spitzer in a sex scandal is going to make for some great pub trivia team names tonight.

I think this says a lot about me, for better or worse.


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  1. Lee Stafford on

    Everyone know I fully support my tax money going to prostitutes. Feeding the homeless? War? Parks and Recreation? No, I only like my tax money going to prostitutes and infrastructure. How are the prostitutes going to get around if there are no roads? I probably should add in some Health Care. You want to have clean and healthy prostitutes. Then I guess the school system. You want a prostitute that is educated in the fine art of erotica. Then I guess you need the police and the army to protect the prostitutes from criminals and to protect the country from terrorists that want to take our prostitutes away from us. A commerce department and economic regulation would probably help with the cost and payment of the prostitutes. Ok, fine we can add back in parks too. The prostitutes need someplace to frolic in nature if you know what I mean. So basically our Puritan founded government can really be based on the need to support prostitutes.

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