Hey Internet!  How’s it going, buddy?  I know I’ve been away for a while, but I’ve missed you, I swear.  No, don’t start crying.  I promise I haven’t been fooling around with any other vast amalgams of networks using the same communications protocol.  TV?  Baby, I told you TV’s just a friend, it means nothing to me.

I’ve just been busy at work, that’s all.  I would have loved to blog away on you all night and day, but I needed to pay the bills.  But that’s over now, honey, my workload is down.  I’m going to commit to a more regular blogging schedule.  I’ll even have a substantive post up by the end of the day, honest!  I fixed up the blogroll just as you like it, adding Dylan Matthews and Veritosity.  And my network is TCP/IP-ier than ever.

Bear with me, Internet.  I’ll treat you right in the end, you know that.


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  1. Corey on

    Preach it, brother.

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