Remember this photo anytime a PUMA tries to tell you they’re “18 million strong”:

“Barky is too liberal/too conservative and stole the elec…hey, where are you going?”

Real Clinton supporters vote Democratic, motherfuckers.  The internet serves to magnify the profile of fringe groups.  PUMA is an irrelevant joke.

HT:  Rumproast


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  1. riverdaughter on

    LOL! Votes don’t have to show up to protest. They make their presence known at the ballot box.

    BTW, did you see Ed Rendell has been sent out to neutralize us?

    You Obamaphiles are in over your heads. bwahahahahahhhh!!!

  2. Jamelle on

    Hey, don’t joke. They’re 18 million strong in their hearts.

  3. John Cain on

    Riverdaughter’s comment reminds me of an old Dilbert cartoon. PUMA: We have millions of non-quantifiable and unverifiable supporters.

  4. paxamericana on

    Riverdaughter’s bio says that she grew up in Pittsburgh and that her relatives all had houses within sight of one of the four rivers. What’s the fourth river? The Allegheny and Monongahela combine to form the Ohio. Apparently there’s an underground aquifer that the Point fountain taps into, but of course you couldn’t see this river.

    So what I want to know is when will that fourth river show up?

  5. Wendy ~ Dem4life on

    LMAO Great pic…sure looks like a strong group to me.. Riverdaughter you don’t need anyone to neutralize you..you are all the big joke of the campaign…you are all making Senator Clinton look bad and your not even bright enough to realize it what a shame to do this to her.

    You know what keeps getting to me is how they say they are “18 million strong” BS I am one of the 18 million that voted for Hillary and I want nothing to go with this gang…I wonder if there is a way to stop them from saying this..now they are printing t-shirts and other useless crap with the saying on it. WTF????

  6. John Cain on

    I’m one of those 18 million too, Wendy, and I agree.

  7. garychapelhill on

    hey, google Unity, NH and you’ll notice that it is in the middle of effing NOWHERE!! Not only that, the campaign had the only road in and out cut off and bussed in all of the supporters in from two staging areas. The fact that we got as many protesters in as we did is a tribute to the Sullivan Co Sherrif’s office who refused to be used to enforce such draconian measures to prevent free speech. The reason i felt compelled to go is that, regardless of what you think about Obama, this event was total theatre, dog and pony show of the highest order. It was a tightly controlled photo op with no representation from the large segment of the party who did and still do support Sen Clinton. And if I had been the only person there, it would have been worth it.

  8. garychapelhill on

    oh, maybe I should have mentioned. I’m the one who took the picture 🙂

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