It’s always easier to argue with strawmen

Rod Dreher and Andrew Sullivan both quote this PZ Myers post written during the Danish cartoon mess:

Muslims represent a poor and oppressed underclass, and those cartoons represent a ruling establishment intentionally taunting them and basically flipping them off. They have cause to be furious!

I’ve seen the cartoons, and they are crude and uninteresting—they are more about perpetuating stereotypes of Muslims as bomb-throwing terrorists than seriously illuminating a problem. They lack artistic or social or even comedic merit, and are only presented as an insult to inflame a poor minority. I don’t have any sympathy for a newspaper carrying out an exercise in pointless provocation.

Dreher and Sullivan are deeply, deeply offended by the cracker blasphemy imbrolgio.  Their intent here is to show Myers as a hypocrite, excusing Muslim attempts at censorship while lambasting any criticism of himself by Christians.  More succinctly, they’re trying to show that Myers’ atheism is about hatred of Christians and nothing more.

It’s unfortunate for Dreher and Sullivan then, that Myers’ post didn’t stop where they ended their quote:

So on the one hand I see a social problem being mocked, but on the other—and here comes the smug godless finger-wagging—I see a foolish superstition used as a prod to mock people, and a people so muddled by the phony blandishments of religion that they scream “Blasphemy!” and falsely pin the problem on a ridiculous insult to a non-existent god, rather than on the affront to their dignity as human beings and citizens. Religion in this case has accomplished two things, neither one productive: it’s distracted people away from the real problems, which have nothing at all to do with the camera-shy nature of their imaginary deity, and it’s also amplified the hatred.

It also doesn’t help that their riots are confirming the caricatures rather than opposing them. Once again, religiosity turns people into mindless frenzied zombies, and once again it interferes with progress.

Somehow, people are assuming from this that I’m “sympathetic to Islam”. How, I don’t know; I thought I’d always been quite clear in my contempt for all religion, and I thought the last two paragraphs above were plain enough. I am sympathetic to the problem of being a minority immigrant; that’s one issue that is being ignored too much. As I said, the real problem is being exacerbated by bad religion that amplifies the hate.

I really don’t think a Muslim would find me to be a friend to their religion.

Taking someone out of context doesn’t work if you provide a link to the context.  I don’t know whether I should be more appalled that Dreher and Sullivan engaged in quote mining, or that they did such a poor job of it.


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