PUMA Lies: A quick review

1. Gary ChapelHill, last week at the Confluence:

By writing some amazingly racist crap, he thinks he is standing up to racism.  Extraoridinary behavior…we really should have some anthropologists look into it.  I guess what he is trying to do is criticize the magazine cover, which is obviously satirizing the far-right rumor mill (which, incidentally has never been something the PUMA movement has resorted to, we don’t need rumors, the facts are quite damning all by themselves).

Bold mine.


Either Gary is blatantly lying here, or he’s never read a PUMA site other than his own.  Here’s a list, not at all inclusive, of sites in the Just Say No Deal coalition that regularly traffic in Obama rumors, whether they be Larry Sinclair, the whitey tape, the “fake’ birth certificate, or whatnot:

And that’s just off the top of my head.  I swear I’m forgetting someone, though.  Oh wait, I know, The Confluence!  For why, see #2, which lies below the fold with some more PUMA untruths.

2. Yes, we have myiq2xu in the post immediately following Gary’s speculating in direct contradiction to the evidence:

How could a rookie Senator raise money like a popular incumbent President running for reelection? I watched him, I’ve listened to him, and I wouldn’t give him a nickel. I can understand the donations this year after he started winning primaries and caucuses, but he raised 1/3 of his money before he ever got a single vote. (Actually, I can’t understand the other 2/3 either, not the amount of it anyway.)

If you’re looking for answers, I don’t have them. Riverdaughter suggested that the GOP may have been behind Obama’s fundraising. That would certainly explain the sudden drop in receipts. Joseph Cannon thinks the Chicago Machine was the source of money, and that the Rezko prosecution put an end to the funds. Both of them may be partially correct.

myiq2xu is making what we in the reality-based community like to call an argument from ignorance.  His/her argument goes something like this:  myiq2xu can’t fathom how a Democrat could have given money to Obama, therefore Democrats didn’t give money to Obama.  Needless to say, the argument from ignorance is a logical fallacy, and this argument isn’t logically sound.

It’s the darkest of ironies, though, that myiq2xu posted this immediately after Gary wrote that PUMA “doesn’t need rumors”.  I got a good laugh at least.

3. PUMA-in-Chief Will Bowers has claimed that PUMA has raised $10 million to help retire Hillary Clinton’s debt.  Additionally, he’s now claiming that Clinton’s debt is nearly retired (second comment down).  As David Weigel of Reason shows, this strains the limits of plausibility:

Are the PUMAs lying about their support, their numbers, or their fundraising just to get attention? We won’t know for sure until July’s fundraising numbers come out, as they can prove or disprove Bower’s Fox News claims. Bower, in another interview where he made the “$10 million” claim, said that PUMAs give in increments of $20.08 so “they know it’s from us.” Anyone want to bet that 50,000 Clinton donors materialized in a week in early July? A long holiday week, no less? If you do, I’ve got an account at IndyMac I want to sell you.

Tommy Christopher of AOL’s Political Machine goes one further and queries the Clinton campaign:

A spokesperson for the Clinton campaign had this to say:
As far as we know, that $10 million is a fallacy. We have not seen that money. It is our understanding that these groups provide links to our website, and there is no way to track which sites those donations come from. We have received no donations from the PAC.
Just to clarify, although the FEC filing was for June, the Clinton spokesperson received my question last week, and had specifically checked on donations from PUMA.
Wow, if I was a PUMA, I’d want to know where my money was going.

Just to clarify, although the FEC filing was for June, the Clinton spokesperson received my question last week, and had specifically checked on donations from PUMA.

4. Head No Quarter conspiracy theorist Texas Darlin is still, still trying to prove that Obama’s birth certificate is a forgery, despite all evidence to the contrary.  Her latest hope is a self-proclaimed “expert” named TechDude.  I’d normally be awed and cowed by an anonymous blogger’s “authority“, but fortunately I have AJStrata’s comprehensive debunking to fall back on, so I think I’ll be ok.

And just to state AJ’s motives, he’s a conservative blogger who is no way a fan of Obama, and in fact I disagree with just about everything he writes.  However, he tends to care about such trifles as facts, evidence, and objective reality, which is quite unlike PUMA.  As the kids say, read the whole thing.

5. You hear this everywhere in the PUMAsphere: “We’re 18 million strong!”  This one is easy to debunk:  I’m one of the 18 million, and I think your movement is stupid, entitled, and racist.  Stop making me look bad.


8 comments so far

  1. Hello!!! on

    Most of your article here is also presumptuous which is the basis of most arguments from ignorance. Rumors, like theories, tend to precede facts unless they are disproved. You have done neither. In other words, you’ve accomplished nothing with this piece of tripe.

  2. garychapelhill on

    stop calling me racist

  3. John Cain on

    I didn’t call you racist, I called you a liar.

  4. Will Bower on

    This in from Open Secrets:


    Hillary Clinton (D)

    Cash on Hand: $26,046,667
    Debts: $25,201,723

  5. John Cain on

    Will, you know as well as I do that primary and general election accounts are completely separate.

  6. jam on

    I’m a day or two late to this tea party, but you’re damn straight about PUMA and Larry Sinclair. Seems that Sinclair’s handing out PUMA tshirts to people that give $100 or more to his legal fund.

  7. jam on

    Since this goes to moderation, here’s a link to the PUMA/Sinclair story John C

  8. Larry's Tumor on

    Hey everyone!

    Please sign my petition to have Larry Sinclair extradited and prosecuted for his outstanding forgery warrant in Colorado! America would appreciate you doing your part to keep convicted felons off the streets.


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