Unclear on the concept

Jesus Tapdancing Christ, PUMA is really the gift that keeps on giving, if by “giving” you mean “providing me fodder for blog posts.”  Let’s check out the latest in self-righteous idocy from everyone’s favorite website, the Confluence:

Is this how the NBC/Obama/GE love marathon went down? :  You scratch my back a little by saying I am the second coming of JFK & MLK, Jr., and I scratch you $5 million dollars for your Olympics.  Then you continue to scratch my “Obama is a God”  message and I’ll scratch you some love by giving you full and unlimited permission to build nuclear plants EVERYWHERE once I become the Galactic Emperor. < /snark >

So, NBC/Universal = MSNBC = GE = Nuclear Plant Builders = Exceleon Energy = David Axelrod = Obama.

The author, sm77, seems to be unfamiliar with the workings of a market economy.  Let me explain.  A great economist once said that “money can be exchanged for goods and services”.  Advertising is a service that NBC provides, and Obama wishes to purchase such services.  The Olympics attract high ratings, thus NBC charges more for advertising during their broadcast (this is called “the law of supply and demand” or something).  The Obama campaign wants to reach as broad an audience as possible, and thus is willing to pay such prices.

Or you could just go with sm77’s explanation, which involves an elaborate conspiracy comprising Chris Matthews, the Obama campaign, illegal kickbacks, the Rothchilds, the Illuminati, and Keith Olbermann.  The choice of who’s explanation is more plausible is up to you, dear reader, although I believe some philosopher dude said something once about this sort of situation.

Seriously though, this is what PUMA’s all about:  manufacturing outrage.  When they’re not simply making shit up like they do at No Quarter, they’re twisting anything the Obama campaign does, no matter how seemingly benign, as examples of hubris or sexism such as the above.  PUMAs always complain that Obama supporters aren’t doing a very good job at honestly trying to convince them to change their minds, but PUMAs seem just as disinterested in swelling their ranks.  They prefer to keep themselves angry and riled up, frantically grasping for anything that can inspire new levels of loathing and self-righteousness.  It would be pathetic if it weren’t so mind-numbingly moronic.

[Just as an afterthought, I don’t mean to suggest that Obama is above reproach.  Far from it, he deserves all the crap he’s getting for FISA, just to name one issue where I disagree with him.  However, getting overwrought over a freaking ad buy is incredibly stupid and childish.]


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