“No way. No how. No McCain”

I can’t possibly imagine how the above quote, by Sen. Hillary Clinton at the DNC tonight, can be read as anything than other a giant “fuck you” to the PUMAs.  Gary, Riverdaughter, or Joseph care to rationalize?


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  1. sottovoco on

    I can. I can imagine it well. It’s not a Fuck You to PUMAs. It’s the truth. How does voting for McCain help Hillary? or the Democrats? how does NOT voting help Hillary. She’s respecting the people who support her by telling them the truth and expecting them to be mature, rational people who live by their convictions. What about Hillary’s campaign would make them think it is okay to vote for McCain or to NOT vote? Nothing. And that’s all she’s doing. Reminding them of why they like her.

    I don’t have that much faith in people. But I think she does and I like that about her.

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