So I suck

So apparently, being on vacation does make one blog less.  A lot less.  So much less that one neglects blogging the entire week after one’s vacation.  I know Kevin and Betty were worried that I was kidnapped and killed by PUMA brownshirts, but really I was just being lazy (although this is a completely rational and non-paranoid fear to have).

Before I get started again, let me hit the highlights of my week and a half jaunt to the Northeast:

  • Did you realize it could hail in August?  Apparently in the Adirondacks, this can and does happen.
  • It rained one day, so my parents, my brother, and I decided to take a day trip to Burlington, Vermont.  I would totally live here, if not for all the hippies.  A pedestrian mall right in downtown, frequent bus service, interconnected transit hubs, and a focus on biking from the city government:  this place is Ryan Avent’s wet dream.
  • We also visited the Magic Hat brewery.  They have a beer that smells like scotch.  This foretells a paradigm shift in my alcohol intake.
  • After a short interregnum where I demonstrated my croquet mastery on the Jersey shore, my brother Kevin continued his domination of our rivalry in non-athletic sports, besting me by 3 points in horseshoes and one freaking stroke in miniature golf.  As he’s the reigning Kan Jam champion of everyone I know, it seems I’ll have to take up archery to get a leg up.
  • I indeed met Ned Resnikoff in lovely Middletown, Connecticut.  I rudely quaffed a few beers in front of his underage ass, but we bonded, blogga style.  If he asks you to ride on his magic bus, you should definitely take him up on it.
  • I enjoyed thoroughly my time in Middletown, especially the wedding of my friends Michael and Megan.  Fun was had by all.  Although you know that scene in A Beautiful Mind where Nash explains his theorem as a reason he and his friends don’t get laid?  Yeah, that sorta happened to the best man and me.  It was interesting, if frustrating.

Normal blogging to resume shortly, I swear.


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