Andrew Sullivan is Always Wrong

Appendix to a Completed Series

I’m not going to link to Sully’s series of arguments that Sarah Palin’s son, Trig, is OMGBBQ! actually her daughter’s child, partially because he’s written nineteen or so goddamned posts on the subject already and I don’t feel like finding them all.  All I want to say is that the straw grasping, goalpost shifting, and dismissal of contradictory evidence that characterize Sullivan’s post remind me of one thing and one thing only:  Texas Darlin’s neverending quest to prove that Barack Obama is a Muslim/forged his birth certificate/is a dirty n***er.

Congrats, Andy, you’re no better than a racist PUMA blogger.

[Yeah, I’m also not linking to Texas Darlin or No Quarter.  They can go fuck themselves.]


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  1. Anthony on

    Just wanted to write that I also strongly dislike Andrew Sullivan. I hate that he is given a forum so frequently.

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