Please Stop Ruining Things I Love

Via Deadspin, there is apparently talk of making a sequel to Bull Durham.  I would just like to go on record saying that this is perhaps the worst idea I’ve ever heard.  Not only is a sequel to this great film completely unnecessary (I mean, are we lacking resolution in the stories of Crash, Annie, and Nuke?), but such a film would have Phantom Menace levels of destructive power towards something I once loved.

So Hollywood, please stop ruining things I love.  And Kevin Costner, oh boy.  You’ve pretty much ruined any reputation as a serious actor you might have once had, but you still have some great movies under your belt.  Don’t go that legacy, however fragile, be destroyed.  You might think Bull Durham II sounds like a great idea, but remember, you’re also the guy who though The Postman was a good idea.  Please, please have the self-awareness to realize this is a bad idea.


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  1. erocker on

    The Postman was a good movie.

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