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Crazy People are the Best People

The LaRouche Youth Movement is currently occupying the corner outside my office.  Judging by the signs, their new object of hate is apparently the UK:

“USA and Russia:  Friends Don’t Let Friends Get Screwed by British Imperialism”

“Socialism & Capitalism:  Two dirty British words.”

This is pretty pathetic.  They lack the imagination to come up with any new conspiracy theories, so they’ve dug up ones from the 19th Century.  C’mon, LaRouchies!  If I wanted half-assed paranoia, I’d go to No Quarter.  Stop slacking, you guys.


Vastleft is a bugfucker

Just doing my part.

Just join the GOP already

Dalinkat over at the Confluence is bragging about a video that exposes Obama voters as the idiots and brainwashed bots she always thought they were.  As it turns out, though, the video is the result of a  right-wing push poll run by John Zogby, the worst pollster alive.  I am shocked that the Confluence would be involved in such obvious ratfuckery. 

What I don’t get is Dalinkat’s post title.  The “Obama voter gene pool”?  What does that even mean?  It’s not like all Obama voters share any sort of heritible characteristics…oh right, she’s talking about black people again.  “The Confluence:  We’re Not Racists, We Just Think Many Stereotypes About Black People Are True.”


Also, I’d like to thank myiq2xu for creating this conspiracty theory thread.  It’s quite useful for anti-PUMAs such as myself to have thread where all Conflucians’ batshit insanity is consolidated in one place.  Myiq2xu might have well titled this post “Please Show The Internet That You’re a Complete Idiot”.

Future grandchildren, pay attention

I spent most of tonight at 11th and U Streets NW, where a giant fucking party was going on.   Even if I get fired tomorrow, I will never, ever, forget hanging with hundreds of people, playing my horn at Black Broadway.  God (or his non-union Mexican equivalent) bless America.


As today is Election Day, I should probably get around to responding to the prediction meme Jamelle tagged me with last week.   Here goes nothing:

[Stupid wordpress apparently doesn’t like embedding things, so here’s the link.]

I have Obama winning North Carolina mainly to piss off Gary ChapelHill.

I’m voting around lunchtime today, and I’ll post my ballot here shortly afterward.  Because I live in the District of Columbia, I am obligated to go out tonight to justify my residence here.  I’ll either be at the League of Conservation Voters party or at Capitol Lounge, the old standby.  If anything particularly memorable happens at either of these places, I’ll be sure to post a recap.  Remember that exit polls are only useful when they’re complete, i.e., not during the election, and have a great day.