As today is Election Day, I should probably get around to responding to the prediction meme Jamelle tagged me with last week.   Here goes nothing:

[Stupid wordpress apparently doesn’t like embedding things, so here’s the link.]

I have Obama winning North Carolina mainly to piss off Gary ChapelHill.

I’m voting around lunchtime today, and I’ll post my ballot here shortly afterward.  Because I live in the District of Columbia, I am obligated to go out tonight to justify my residence here.  I’ll either be at the League of Conservation Voters party or at Capitol Lounge, the old standby.  If anything particularly memorable happens at either of these places, I’ll be sure to post a recap.  Remember that exit polls are only useful when they’re complete, i.e., not during the election, and have a great day.


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  1. garychapelhill on

    Fuck you, seriously. and Fuck Obama while you’re at it. His homophobia and cowardice in not vocally opposing and campaigning against prop 8 has led to its passage. I am now constitutionally a second class citizen in California. His election is a disgrace to civil rights. Enjoy the victory of that lying scum piece of trash while you can. You’ll be under the bus with us soon enough. Oh and don’t bother replying to this…I won’t be back here. Just keep in mind that you are in some small part responsible for the destruction of thousands of family. I know that Obama doesn’t have a conscience, so it won’t bother him. maybe you do. hope it keeps you up at nights.

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