Fire Caro!

Lambert and Vastleft at Corrente are always complaining that they’re not PUMAs or racists, but instead trying to critique Barack Obama from the left.  Funny, then, that they continue to let Carolyn Kay post on the front page.  Kay, or “Caro” as she’s known online, posts a daily blog roundup.  Of course, most if not all of her recommendations are PUMA blogs, and one in particular (let’s just say that if you don’t read the Confluence, you’d still get to read most of their writing via her posts).  This is harmless enough on its own, but recently it’s come out that she’s a hard core Birther.

Take today’s post, for instance.  Caro notes the Supreme Court’s denial of certiorari for Leo Donofrio’s crazy “natural born citizen” lawsuit with the kind of self-centered pith she’s become (in)famous for:

This decision confirms my belief that the Republican powers that be WANT Obama in the presidency. They must think they have a better chance of discrediting him and the Democratic Party with Obama at the helm.

It’s not that Donofrio’s suit has merit.   It’s that the Republicans are engaged in a giant conspiracy to make the Democrats looks bad by…well, by…electing a Democratic president?  Caro has gone so crazy that she’s gone down the rabbit hole and come out the other side.  She’s spouting a racist right-wing conspiracy theory, blaming right-wingers for not expelling Obama from the presidency.  She’s convinced herself that Obama will somehow discredit Democrats forever, so her ideal solution to protect Democrats is to elect a Republican.   This is a special kind of crazy.  It’s supporting Democrats via Rube Goldberg device.

This ranting isn’t by any means, though, a progressive critique of the President-Elect, which is what Corrente is supposedly all about.  So Lambert and Vastleft, I’ll follow your lead and issue a self-righteous ultimatium:  I’ll start taking you seriously when you shitcan Caro.  Your tolerance of her right-wing bloviations undermines everything you claim to represent, and a dedicated reader of Corrente such as myself deserves nothing less than an end to this bullshit.  What say ye?

UPDATE: Edited for clarity.


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  1. Ted on

    Obama inaugurated 1/20/09? No way. No how. Read this:

  2. marindenver on

    Following that link and reading that endless garbled article is worth it for the hilarious conclusion that Barack Obama’s refusal to present his birth certificate and the courts’ stubborn refusal to make him will inevitably lead to a junta and imposition of military rule within the next couple of years. It could almost have been written by a PUMA.

  3. Tom Hilton on

    People whose birth certificates I haven’t seen:
    * Phil Berg
    * Andy Martin
    * Leo D’Onofrio
    * Alan Keyes

    Not one of these people has proven to my satisfaction that he has the right to live in this country. Deport the motherfuckers.

  4. John Cain on

    Crazy people are the best people, marindenver.

  5. belledame222 on

    You know. -How- exactly is he supposed to “show them” the birth certificate in a way that would satisfy them? Wasn’t there already a copy produced and an image thereof manifested on the Internets, and that isn’t okay apparently? And the entire State of Hawaii is, we gather, covering up for him -too-. So, what, Obama is supposed to fly himself and the Birthers to Hawaii, walk them over to the “vault” or whatever actually exists there (presumably it looks like the bank cave in Harry Potter, you know, complete with dragons guarding the way), physically produce a musty parchment document and shove it in their face?
    Because it doesn’t sound like anything else will do.

    I mean, don’t get me wrong, I’d love a free trip to Hawaii myself, but it doesn’t seem like this is the best way to go about it.,,

  6. John Cain on

    bd22, if given the opportunity to view the so-called “vault” copy, I’m sure they’d find another reason to doubt its veracity. These are conspiracy theorists we’re talking about, there’s always more room for the goalposts to move.

  7. Mike on

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