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A Doctor of Divinity in the Immediate Vicinity

A mindless fundamentalist atheist like myself might see the Pope’s recent outreach to conservative Anglicans as a call to hate gays and Muslims together.  Chris Dierkes of the League of Ordinary Gentlemen, however, is a greater mind than I.  Due to his dense theological understanding of these issues, I now see that the Pope is calling Anglicans to hate gays and reason together with him.  Without such “reasonable” and “serious” people as Dierkes, I’m afraid I would have totally missed the point.

*While I’m currently dissing on the League, dear reader, you should know that reading them is a completely worthwhile endeavor, especially since they brought my friend Jamelle aboard.  They’re just fuckwits on the topic of religion.  It’s no reason to avoid reading their otherwise excellent political insights.