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Go to Hell, Everyone

Just to counter FDL, Corrente, Kos, and Open Left, let me just say that you motherfuckers are killing the liberal movement (I’m not ever going to bother addressing the PUMAs, who are only in this game to oppose Obama, nothing else).  The Overton Window shifts left when the Republicans cease being a national party, not because you blogged about single payer a lot.  At that point, the Democrats can split into a center-left and left party that can both win national elections.

Anyone on the left who opposes the president now is favoring this shift happening during their generation at the expense of this shift happening at all. You are all a bunch of selfish bastards who deserve to die in a fire; you are certainly not anyone who’s “keeping Obama honest”.  Your shortsightedness will be all of our ruin.


I guess this is her acceptance speech

Not content to be obsessed with only one blogger’s body, Ann Althouse goes for the deuce and calls Kevin Drum a fattie. As Althouse has perhaps the largest yet most fragile ego on the entire web, one insult isn’t going to do it; she also notes that Drum is a Clinton sycophant. Apparently posting one item with positive mention of Hillary Clinton is enough to earn sycophant status these days. Who knew? More on this later.

Stay with me, readers, because we’re not even to the craziest portion of this post yet. That comes later on, as Althouse muses why Drum gave her the Golden Wingnut Award:

I understand that I ruffled some feathers with that harshly satirical post that took aim at Bill Clinton and a feminist who festoons her blog with images of breasts. You can hate that post all you want, but there’s nothing right wing about it. If it’s any wing, it’s left.

So I got to thinking that Drum must be one of those politicos who’s carrying water for HC.

But I don’t have time. Not to write a poem and not to solve the mystery of whether Drum is on my case in service to the Clintons.

Althouse apparently thinks the reactions to her posts on Jessica Valenti’s breasts were all about defending Bill Clinton. She also thinks that any such criticism is part of a massive conspiracy against her powered by the Clintons.

Let that sink in for a second.

Needless to say, both these notions are completely absurd. If anything, reaction to Althouse was focused on defending Valenti from Althouse’s attacks after simply looking like herself and being photographed. The nutty professor implied that Valenti was slutting it up for the presidental photograph, when in reality Valenti simply wore business casual clothing and (gasp!) had breasts. Althouse also tried to shame Feministing for the female silhouettes in its logo, because they too had breasts, shockingly enough.

This argument was idiotic and puzzling at the time, and this still holds true. There’s nothing that Valenti could have done to be outside of Althouse’s slut criteria short of not attending the luncheon or taping down her breasts, indeed it seems that her only crimes were standing next to Bill Clinton and being pretty. When this was pointed out to Ann, the brouhaha quickly centered around her truly unhinged reaction to all the criticism, best exemplified by her Bloggingheads TV spot with Garance Franke-Ruta.

As for the conspiracy theory, well, I did say she had a big ego.

That Ann Althouse still thinks she’s the victim of some sort of liberal persecution in this matter is maddening, and it’s a testament to her lack of intellectual heft that the best she can come up with is fat jokes and egotistical delusions. But I’ve got to hand it to her, this is by far the best acceptance speech for a Golden Wingnut Award that I’ve ever read.

Postscript: Althouse’s link to Drum’s post that dotes on Hillary Clinton (reproduced here) doesn’t actually take you to a real website, and a quick Google search of some the text she cites shows only her blog as a result. There’s a chance she made up the whole thing, which isn’t really surprising.

Update:  My use of the phrase “there’s a chance” is vindicated, as Matt Ficke finds the post in question.

re: this bullshit

Dear Garance,

Reading over your responses to Mike Meginnis, I feel you could use a little guidance. Here are some links that I think you will find helpful in your work here at Blogosphere LLC:

Please keep these in mind the next time you respond to your co-workers. All employees of Blogosphere LLC need to ensure that they maintain a civil tone while corresponding with their fellow employees; don’t let your emotions blind you. Try arguing through your pain next time instead of freaking out.

I’d hate for this to become an issue during your annual review, but I’ll be forced to if you continue to foster this environment of tremendous personal hostility.

See you at the budget review!


John Cain
Human Resources Assistant