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BREAKING: Mickey Kaus is a Crazy-Ass Idiot

Is it me, or does the leaked Journolist thread Mickey Kaus posted contain a whole lot of disagreement?  This seems very unbecoming of a “secret liberal media email cabal”  dedicated to coordinating talking points.  If anything, the snippet provided by Kaus seems to match Ezra Klein’s initial description of JournoList as “a safe space where policy experts, academics, and journalists could freely talk through issues, bringing up the questions they considered urgent and the information they thought important”.

Furthermore, Kaus seems to have nothing of substance to say about the subject of the thread, Martin Peretz’s racist post about Mexicans.  Kaus seems to think that disagreeing with Peretz here is somehow damnable, but doesn’t quite say as much.  In any case, it’s troubling to see Kaus so readily defend his former boss with this boorish distraction.  It’s almost as if they were looking out for one another against those dastardly whippersnappers.  Of course, such coordination would be entirely kosher, as it was likely not conducted via email.

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My sole endorsement

I have a very low-traffic blog, so I know damn well that my endorsement of anyone for any office would be an exercise in self-wankery and have very little impact.  I know most of the people who read this, and those I don’t know can likely acertain which politicians I support by simply reading the blog.  There are very few races where I feel that my opinion, let alone an official endorsement, could sway any votes.

This year, however, I’ve found a race where the vote tally is small and my friends seem to be trending in the wrong direction:  the non-Democrat At-Large seat for the DC City Council.  For some reason, some people I know think supporting incumbent Carol Schwartz (R) in her quixotic write-in campaign (she lost this year’s GOP primary) is a good idea.  Perhaps it’s Ms. Schwartz tendency to call everyone “hon”, maybe it’s her status as a gay camp icon, but it certainly can’t be because she supports any good policies.   Simply put, Carol Schwartz is a horrible candidate.

Therefore, I am officially endorsing Patrick Mara (R) for at-large City Council.  As Dave Alpert of Greater Greater Washington notes, Mara doesn’t own a car, bikes to work, and is supportive of bike- and pedestrian-friendly initiatives.  And as a Republican, he’s likely to oppose all sorts of onerous over-zoning of the city.  If we must have a Republican on the council, better to have one that thinks we live in a city as opposed to one that thinks of DC as a glorified suburb.

P.S. Independent (but really Democratic) candidate Michael Brown is also running for this seat.  All I know about Michael Brown is that he’s run for nearly every elected office in the District of Columbia, from mayor to shadow senator, and he’s lost handily every time.  I think it’s our duty as citizens to make sure he gets the hint this time.

UPDATE (10/30/2008): Matthew Yglesias and Dave Alpert also endorse Mara.


I’ll be hosting trivia again tonight at the Wonderland Ballroom.  However, I just remembered that this morning, so I’ll be frantically writing questions for the rest of the day.  Shit!

Fuck the ANCs

When I’m mayor, I’m abolishing the Advisory Neighborhood Commissions.  For those not in DC, the ANCs are neighborhood based councils that allow the asshole on your block to have political power matching his ambition.  That ambition, of course, being to meddle with his neighbors’ lives and ensure that bars don’t allow live music or dancing.  Shit like this drives me up the wall.

While I am and always will be a liberal in most respects, I’ve come around to strict libertarianism on the local level.

Taxicab Confessions

My fares tonight, from my home on Capitol Hill to the bars in Logan Circle:

From home to the bar (with the zone system):  $9.80

From the bar to home (with a meter):  $9.25

Not much of a difference, especially since I paid both drivers $11.   However, it’s much more satisfying to see your fare tick away than to trust that you know the zone boundaries as well as the cabbies.  Viva la meter!