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Ripley is a villian

Reading this old XKCD comic, I’m flabbergasted that Randall Munroe is a follower of the Charles Krauhammer school of  “the only good spaceflight is government spaceflight”.   Weyland-Yutani (a private corporation) did everything Munroe ever dreamed of: colonizing the galaxy, making an off-world economy viable, etc. You would think the person that encountered something different and shouted “Kill it! Kill it!” would be viewed as a neanderthal troglodyte instead of a hero.  Apparently the entity that wanted to study an alien rather than commit genocide is somehow evil.  Stop hampering space exploration, Randall!


They Are Who We Thought They Were

I’ve remarked before that PUMAs are perhaps the stupidest group of people I’ve ever encountered on the internet (well, short of YouTube commenters).  Lady Boomer NYC provides the example par excellence in describing her secret weapon to take down Barack Obama:

Concurring with riverdaughter about the anger, I think it’s time to bring out the heavy-duty tools—as in prayer and intention! You know about The Secret? Sshhh, don’t tell, but as Norman Vincent Peale and healers believe, “You Can If You Think You Can.” It’s like The Little Engine That Could, right? I saw The Secret the movie, didn’t read the book, hah, but it’s about manifesting your life by feeling, thinking, seeing, and being your intention in every cell of your body. Actually, that’s how I work with chronic pain as a somatic practitioner and hands-on-healer.

Group prayer can create miracles for its willing recipients.

I’m not saying only pray. I’m saying pray and take action. Harriet says: Be pro-active! Do whatever you can to stop Obama.

I’ll link to Skeptico’s classic takedown of The Secret, but really, if you have to be told that you can’t use magic to manifest your innermost desires, you’re probably past the point of listening to any sort of reason at all.  I’m not at all shocked that Lady Boomer NYC is an alternative medicine provider, either; it takes the same sort of intellectual laziness to dish out bullshit medicine as it does to swallow the cockamamie logic of PUMA adherents.  Only in a movement so ensconced in groupthink and conspiracy theories could such a person be thought of as an intellectual.  

Final Debate Blogging

I’ll again be liveblogging the rubber match between Sens. McCain and Obama over at NYU Local.  Check me out!